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Lean, agile living for the running mother of Peter


Happy new year!

I've really taken these last days of the year OFF. I just started reading some Informatics, since I'm taking some University online courses in the subject during the spring and now I've time to read. I've also read a bunch of skeptic and historic books.

The picture is from one of my runs at the parents house this Christmas.

Today I also took the time to create a document cabinet on My spaces so any interested can download the file so I don't have to e-mail it. The link to my public documents can be found here. Click on the folder and you can see the link to the current document.

I plan on making a final read through in the beginning of the year and then I'm done for this round. I have two weeks left before I start my new position!

Merry Christmas and a happy new agile year

I just finished my final run for this year as well. It was a short run with my dog. He's getting old. Seven years so he'll be with us for many years still but he's getting grey and more and more fond of sleeping and eating. He still loves to play but it's not like when he was a baby and could play for hours.


Home for a while

The day before last, I returned together with my son from Bahia Feliz at Gran Canaria. This was the last time in a long while I travelled only as a customer when travelling with Fritidsresor and Tui Travel.

But I was not only a customer. You tend to view things differently when you're the customer for your in near time employer. And the people who surrounded me (and yes, sometimes annoyed me) are my soon to be customers. The people trying to make our sometimes contradicting dreams come true are my collegues. Things appear differently when you add that point of view.

Now, I'll just have to spend the final days before Christmas repacking for a trip to my parents. Even if it's a cold rain outside here, my parents have promised a lot of snow outside their house.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Version 0.91 ready

After some well needed help from a colleague of my husbands, version 0.9 or something of my little text is now finished. I had a plan to post it on google documents, but I don't seem to get it to work. So, if you're interestedd in an early copy, e-mail me att annadotforssatgmaildotcom.

I will now start proofreading and if there is input, I'll include or remove some of the material.

My objective of under 100 pages has been met - it is even under 70 pages!



Version 0.9 ready

I've completed a first draft of my little text on scrum from a product owner point of view. I've left the text to a couple of people from different organisations and the feedback has started to come in. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for Gran Canaria with little Peter but when I return, I'm going to complete the first version, which I hope I'll be able to post here before Christmas.

Well, with by bags packed and the son sound asleep, I'm just going to relax and get ready for a long journey to a better climate than chilly, rainy Stockholm.

Break with everyone!

Well, that sounds terrible, doesn't it. And that is not what Mike Cottmeyer means in his blog entry on success in agile organisations.

Agile is so much about communication is that we perhaps misunderstand the need for communication with the creation of dependencies.