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Happy new year!

I've really taken these last days of the year OFF. I just started reading some Informatics, since I'm taking some University online courses in the subject during the spring and now I've time to read. I've also read a bunch of skeptic and historic books.

The picture is from one of my runs at the parents house this Christmas.

Today I also took the time to create a document cabinet on My spaces so any interested can download the file so I don't have to e-mail it. The link to my public documents can be found here. Click on the folder and you can see the link to the current document.

I plan on making a final read through in the beginning of the year and then I'm done for this round. I have two weeks left before I start my new position!

Merry Christmas and a happy new agile year

I just finished my final run for this year as well. It was a short run with my dog. He's getting old. Seven years so he'll be with us for many years still but he's getting grey and more and more fond of sleeping and eating. He still loves to play but it's not like when he was a baby and could play for hours.


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