Pain is temporary, failure lasts forever

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Pain is temporary

When you've run the marathon, or given birth or almost died from gall bladder infection, you might think that you've conquered all. But then there are children. Who turns older and when they do so, they give parties. And to those parties they invite other children. And voilâ, you have the possibility to experience something really special.

I know, my son loves the events and most parents just drop off their kids by this age but when a mother looks at me and says: you are so welcome to stay, who am I to say no? (I guess they know I'm not the type who just sits around but actually tries to control the kids.)

So, instead of taking it easy for a couple of hours I spend the better part of a Sunday chasing my and other's boys and making sure no one dies or destroys something too valuable. 9 boys at ages 5 thorugh 7 is a little bit too much to enjoy. Combine this with suger and toys and you have hell on earth. Well, I did enjoy myself a little bit too, and the food was wonderful, but yes, hell on earth.

But the fun thing was that when I was leaving the party, I realized that in the room where the boys had had a sound volume of an Iron Maiden concert for three hours, a little 6 months old baby was sound asleep. That is not fair! But, pain is temporary and now I have a week at work to get back on my feet again.


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