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What the... Snow again

It is soon the middle of March. Yes, we live in Sweden, but this morning when I looked out the window it was winter again. The afternoon run home was like running in a march. Two decimetres of snow in about 0C temperature makes is soggy and icy.

I really long for spring and the summer. Everything is so much easier when you don't have to worry about all the clothes and stuff. But then again I have something else to complain about.

At work, the new projects are starting up and they are really challenging and interesting. It's kind of funny because yesterday I finished an exam on my project management class. One of the question was how I selected resources. Like one get to select that. I guess most project managers don't get to see a menu.

I hope I've finished most of the work for all but one of the classes. I have a serious problem getting into the writing mode for classes. I've spent 15 years to learn how to write short and concise and now the volume counts most. One of my teachers commented on one of my exam that I'd answered the question but that I could have written more. A responded by asking if I hadn't answered the question. Well, yes, but I could have written more. Would the answer become more right then? The idea that adding more words to an answer makes it more right does not play with me. Of course if the teacher had felt that my answer was too short to answer the question, but this is hard for me to accept.


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