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I'm completing the final course of the spring semester, and I found that I needed to purchase a book. We have too many books in our home: you could say I'm a recovering bookoholic and I try to stay out from book stores. I tend to get out with too many books. It's not that I don't read them: I'm a fast reader and have read many of my books many times, but we don't have the space. The book shelves are packed and beyond.

Using a e-com site takes away a little bit of the pleasure of buying books since I don't get to stroll between the shelves, feel the paper and build an interest. The problem is that you can scroll many more books on a web site. And you find books you never knew you didn't knew that they existed. There is the season for book sales in Sweden, so since I was already buying a book, I just happened to scroll all the titles in the categories which I'm interested in. And some other categories too. Yes, I am a bookoholic. Give me a break. Just reading about them does not mean that I buy them... Not all of them, anyway. But I do recommend anyone to scroll the titles under Finance and law. How about these book titles:
  • Private Rights in Public Resources: Equity and Property Allocation in Market-Based Environmental Policy
  • The International Sugar Agreements: Promise and Reality
  • Start Your Own Pet-Sitting Business
  • Behind the Veneer: The South Shoreditch Furniture Trade and Its Buildings
  • The Security-Development Nexus: Expressions of Sovereignty and Securitization in Southern Africa
  • Micro-Regionalism in West Africa: Evidence from Two Case Studies
I could just go on. If I click the titles, there is not much details, but isn't it fascinating that there are all these books out there that someone found interesting enough to write and publish. And what is more interesting,, there are at least one bookoholic who was really tempted to buy one or two of these just to see what they were all about. But I controlled myself. So, besides the book for my class and two books which my husband wanted, I just picked up two Richard Dawkins, the latest Umberto Eco, a couple of technical books for little Pete and two books on e-com in the leisure travel business. So, I'm not fully recovered. But I didn't pick up the book on international suger trade.



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