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Break with everyone!

Well, that sounds terrible, doesn't it. And that is not what Mike Cottmeyer means in his blog entry on success in agile organisations.

Agile is so much about communication is that we perhaps misunderstand the need for communication with the creation of dependencies.



Blogger Wilhelm Svenselius said...

He raises some good points, unfortunately it all falls apart pretty early:

"First, we start with a small team of cross functional individuals with sufficient skills such that anyone can work on any part of the system. Next we allow this team to only work only on a single project during any given sprint."

Everyone knows this is not possible for any non-trivial software project. Not everyone on a team can be fully proficient at every part of a large, multi-layered application. Even more so if you consider that sometimes new developers are shifted in while experienced ones pack up and leave.

Dictating that there may be no specialists reinforces the notion that Scrum can only work with a team of superhumans. I think this assumption is false, but some Scrum evangelists need to get out of their ivory towers and meet real coders once in a while.

December 22, 2008 at 8:52 AM  

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