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Finally, spring is really here

It's been luring me for some time. But now spring is finally here. This is the best time of the year for me as a runner. Not too cold and not to hot. Just crisp air. Not that I really mind running when it's warm, it's more that when it's warm outside people tend to be more on the streets and you have the problem passing them when you run. Because not all understand that they are the fastest ones on the street and seem to be amazed that someone can actually move faster then them. So, when you signal for them to not take up the complete width of the path, they freeze.

This is an increasing problem during the spring season, but really, what do I care. It's just fabulous not to have to fill the backpack completely when you run to work.

Also, spring means new shoes. Each spring, except when I'd just given birth to Pete and hadn't started running properly, I buy brand new shoes. It's a real luxury but a good one. It's really a small investment which can mean the difference between being in pain and enjoying the run. I'm not a heavy person, but the shoes get worn out. I realized this during the year when I didn't switch. The next year the shoes were really dead.

Tomorrow, I'll finally get to saw the tomato seeds for this year. Or to be more precise, Peter is going to do it and I'm going to assist him. Also, since the snow is gone it's probably time for the first session in the garden. And not to forget one of the key pleasures of spring: the spring classics. Having switched jobs, I've found some other professional cycling fans and I have others who appreciate and enjoy spending hours watching guys on bikes. And the rest is just amazed that we actually like that stuff.


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