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Winter outfit into the deepest corners of the closet and into the bin

Yesterday, I finally took all the winter running gear and placed this in the deepest corners of my closet. Out came the gear for spring and summer. I usually don't have problems discarding with clothes, but when it comes to running gear, I cannot just throw them away. Like the pants who just had to go. But I wore them both on V├Ątternrundan and Vasaloppet. Yes, that was in 2001 and they look their age. And the top which I wore during my first marathon. I don't have to look like a homeless runner, so why is this? Yes, there are emotions in these clothes worn during races which meant a lot. But also a false notion that I know these clothes and that they "work".

But the truth is that so much has happened when it comes to runner's gear since 2001. The clothes are so much better. Especially compared to stuff which has been in use a couple of times every week during half the year since 2001.

But now I've let go of those pants, and the marathon top. I hope I've got even better nerve when the autumn comes and throw away the rest of the stuff which I shouldn't use anymore. But who wants to think about autumn now?


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