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Lessons learnt from cycling, part 1

Why do I like cycling? As a sport, that is? Well, I believe it's the combination of individual achievement and team effort. And the tactics. And the too much tactics. And you can never take anything for granted.

In many ways the same values can be found in agile development.

Take for example, watching everyone else so no one wins. The situation in the film is this: four guys have been in a break out most of the day. That is really really hard. They have 700 meters to go and the pack is half a minute behind. They should be able to make it. But that means cooperating. The problem is that being in front is tactically a bad thing. So, this is what happens.

Another example: sometimes you just know that you're right. You've done the right thing. But it's all about delivering the right stuff and focusing on the right thing at the right moment. Don't take winning for granted.

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