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The very abstract, and very concrete

Little Pete is in a real learning phase. He's finally grasping colors but are fighting with numbers. I can imagine it is hard. It is very concrete when we count his fingers. But at the same time very abstract when we say he's three years old.

Working with a semi-finished product is somewhat similar. We have some parts we can show and these are very concrete. But other parts are very abstract. For some, that is not a problem. But for others, this is very difficult. We have a contact list (like contacts in Outlook) and we have a list of customers. These two entities are related as you can have a contact in your contact list which you want to mark as a customer (if you have the customer Erland's Electricity and you have that as a contact with general contact details). But you also have individuals which works for a customer. (Jane and Steve who works for Erland's Electricity). The latter relation hasn't been implemented yet, due to priorities. For some of us, this is not a problem. You see the current relation and can imagine what is coming. But for others, this is impossible. They cannot fill in the empty spots in the picture. To work around this, we use a lot of "Photoshop programming". We take what we have and fill in the empty spots in Photoshop to make it concrete. This of course can also create confusion: what is real and what is not. And it's not for nothing that our PO find that is was so much simpler and cheap just to have the Photoshop programming

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