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Week 2 with postits

If you wonder how the postit backlog is working, well it is. But I don't feel comfortable with it. I still don't get the overview I want and I have to do a lot of manual "head counting" of the postits. I do keep the breakdown chart updated but for us, having a team where half the guys work half time and the working days differ a lot between days and week, the chart doesn't say too much.

A good thing this sprint is that everyone is really working on the most prioritized tasks first. I can immediately see if a low prioritized task goes up on the On-going board.

So, what happens next month? I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards renewing the trust in Sharepoint 2007. If this happens, I hope it will live up to my expectations. So, what are they:
  1. The site works when I access it
  2. The site works when I access it
  3. The site works when the rest of the team access it
  4. Our IT guy don't get burned out again



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