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Microsoft Mobile ISV day in Kista - conflict handling with OCC

On Thursday, I and one of the developers went to Microsoft's event on Mobile development. It was a bit weird, both covering the very basics (see how easy you can drag and drop the controls to the form) and quite specific tricks (if you use this undocumented resource and X you can use this nifty functionality). Most of the participants were active mobile developers, though, so I believe the later kind of tricks were the most appreciated.

We were mostly silent, just listening to the tricks but also the questions: what are mobile developers fighting with?

One of the most important questions are of course conflicts. If you have (like we do) occasionally connected clients which works with the same data, conflicts will occur. When the question came up, the guy from Microsoft just said that conflicts on sync to the mobile device is no problem since the data comes from the server and the business rules on the server should fix all conflicts when the client syncs to the server. Hey, deleting the conflict is not handling it. You might say they didn't answer the question. But yet they did: you cannot rely on the standard tools when building a OCC solutions. You have to build for handling conflicts. If you're not satisfied with the standard solution: delete conflicting data.


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