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Peter's got a lot of stuff. Today, when I organized his clothes again I found more stuff. Toys that he hasnĀ“t grown out off but hasn't played with since we rebuilt his room. He never missed the stuff and I didn't either. I just let him seek through the box and pull out the things he's interested in. The rest will be retired today, (Yes, I've also seen Toy Story and the pain of retired toys but the clutter is horrible when a kid has too much stuff).

At Peter's daycare they changed staff this summer. The new gals said they were going to make it more cozy. That meant throwing out a lot of the stuff. The result: the kids got more relaxed and got to appreciate the remaining stuff more.

So, what did I get for little Pete on his birthday? Absolutely nothing, except me. And my time. The greatest gift of all for an emotional little guy. (My need for buying stuff was resolved by me asking the staff at daycare if there was something they needed, and of course there was.)

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