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Why Facebook doesn't work for me

I finally got it. why facebook, that is! It's the holy quest for old friends, collegues and ex:s that does it. How's life for the old crowd? So, why doesn't it work for me? Well, I'm lousy with names. Sickening lousy. So, the people I'm most interested in: I can't remember their names. And the gals might have changed names. And the guys as well, nowadays. And perhaps I'm not that interested, actually, how they are doing, that is. My folks gives me the news on all the friends and casuals from my home town. It is always the same story:
(Dad) Do you remember X Y?
(Me) No.
(Dad) Well, I met him the other day. He's got a new job and his cousin is also fine.

Well, there is a reason for me not keeping in touch with everyone. And some names are best kept forgotten.

So, why do I use linkedin? Well, that is another story. Perhaps it's not me having to get all the spam.


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