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Absolutely tired of winter

I cannot stop being amazed by the fact that my ancestors took the trouble to walk from the warmth of the south to get here. I hate winter and snow. I guess it's tolerable for a few weeks but now I'm really fed up with bulking up with clothes when running, that it's icy out and that it's just a mess with this winter.

So, I'm dreaming of summer. And warmth. I'm the sort of person who never turns on the air conditioning, even if I'm in Florida in the midth of summer. I guess when it's over 105F, I start to think it's annoying (even if runs are best at about 85-90F). I've just booked the summer vacation. TUI's new resort in Rhodes, our first environmentally friendly!

It's called Blue Village Atlantica Aegean Park and it will be interesting to see we combine a concept with All Inclusive with environmentally sustainable.


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