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Pairing before a sprint finish

One of the most seasoned, solo working developers has come to appreciating pair programming during these two last sprints. He can just say:
- Hey, come over here.
Sometimes he just smiles and says pair programming is really really nice and fun. And that is nice to watch. It's really true that 1+1 sometimes become 3.

What also is fun is that different constellations are created, dependent on task. I thought that a big risk was that pair programming meant that the developers found their partner and they stuck together. But perhaps that is because I'm female and that pairing in the female work means just that. Excluding, rather than including.

One good new thing this sprint was that today, the last day of the sprint, resulted in all the developers turned to pairing. Without anyone saying so, suddenly everyone was working in pairs. Just to make sure that these last check ins had high quality.

So nice to see: that we don't need a manager telling us how to work. We need a manager for "manager tasks". But deciding which methodology the guys are using is not one of those tasks. They can manage that so effectively when they are given the option of taking responsibility themselves.



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