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Helping a friend moving today, I came to know the recycling centre of Vanadisberget. Situated less than 2 km from central Stockholm (the recycling centre is marked in the top and the cery center of Stockholm is where the text Kungsholmen is, it felt like being transferred to a Domesday film and there had just been a nuclear war. The drive down under the mountain was like driving into an ordinary garage, but well under ground, we had to drive a minute or two before a large cave opened and there were all these people throwing away their stuff in huge containers. The light was barely enough and the sound of the pressing machines preparing the garbage for burning all helped turning the place to something from a film.

The staff sat there on their chairs, waiting for someone asking if the doll is burnable or not and where to put that old couch. We all had terrible headaches when leaving. Amazing but still horrible place.


Anonymous Mikke said...

Typiskt tjejer att vara känsliga å få huvudvärk för så lite! Magnus och jag mådde prima efteråt och hade bra aptit när vi strax efter besökte Alviks bästa grillbar!

November 18, 2007 at 12:51 PM  

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