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When I studied, my teacher in planning said that people generally want different options for a development project (I was studying physical planning). So, what you do is that you use nicer colors and more trees and green stuff on the alternative you like. And no people on the ones you didn't like.

In a software development project we have different options due for prioritizing. So, what do we do? Well, of course if I'm creating storyboards for something I don't believe in, I don't put as much effort in it to make it sellable. And if I know that there will be a debate on an issue which I value high, I put in a lot of effort. We are all humans and I guess everyone does that.

But it's important to know that and don't over do it. Like an old colleague of mine. He always made sure there were multiple options where all but the one he was in favour of meant death and destruction to our company, all our clients and all our clients clients (and probably their cats too). I do believe it's better to tell up front that you are in favour of an option rather than being the Domesday guy. We all know what happens to those guys in the end.



Anonymous Mikke said...

Neeeeeeeeeej, inte katterna!! Snälla skona katterna! Välj vilket alternativ som helst. Döda alla klienter och klienters klienter. Men rädda katterna!!

November 22, 2007 at 10:32 AM  

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