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When Sharepoint's doing it's work

Since I've given you some inside into how we're organizing the use cases: how about the sprint backlog?

Well, we've turned back to Sharepoint and what really makes it worth while is the possibility to use different views. So we only use two actual sharepoint lists:
  1. A list of objectives
  2. A todo-list (aka the sprint backlog)
This is all visible on the sharepoint site like down below. In the upper left corner you can see the objectives list showing which objectives we're focusing on right now. In the upper right corner I've created a list which shows which items have status In progress.

Lower left list is the complete sprint backlog for the current sprint, and the lower right list is the items on the sprint backlog which are labeled as bugs with priority 1, aka critical bugs. Same list, different perspectives. All visible when everyone starts up the Intranet.



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