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a new language

I just read a message to my boss and two colleagues. Even if it contains no code or domain specific word I guess my mom could understand about a third of the words. I use words like scrum, scrum master, product owner, product owner proxy, backlog, product backlog, sprint objectives, increment, storyboard, use case. Well, this gets me thinking. My mom could be a user, or a customer. What if I went out to her place of work using these words while talking to her:

- Well, this use story is not in any storyboard I've seen on the sprint backlog for this sprint. I don't think I've even seen it on the product backlog. I can ask the product owner or the scrum master what the status is.

These words separate the ones inside the agile scrum sphere from all the others. You actually have to read quite a bit of literature before you can understand the difference between all these terms. So, using these terms should be banned outside the scrum sphere. If the customer and user had not been included in some kind of scrum education or workshop, they cannot be expected to know what they mean and using the terms is therefore in basic insulting. So, next time bite your tongue and simply say:

- Haven't thought about that. Haven't seen that on any lists so it's probably not planned. I can ask someone who should know.

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