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I just zapped through the channels on the TV and suddenly saw a familiar face, Shannen Doherty. I don't know why I started watching. The show, called Dumped by Shannen Doherty, must be the most stupid idea on this planet. As I started watching about ten minutes before it ended, I perhaps didn't get the complete picture but when I started viewing there was this guy, dreaming to be a screen writer.

He´d been fooled into believing that he was doing a film with miss Doherty. But then she sat down with him and said it was all a scam and that this was really a TV show and his girlfriend was dumping him. But the girlfriend didn't want to make him sad. Yeah, right. Like he'd be much happier if he'd been fooled into believing that his dream had come true. But instead he was dumped by an actress on TV. And this is a running series. Not being to much into watching TV, I'm sometimes amazed at all the weird ideas that seem to attract both viewers and TV channels. But for me it's not a problem dumping ms Doherty and her show. I have more fun watching the arms of my clock moving.


Anonymous Tom said...

Yep. TV is just not worth the time. It truly has become "the boob tube"

November 26, 2007 at 9:57 PM  

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