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Dropping a sprint

We've actually finished the sprint. Well, the demo is tomorrow, and we're dropping the release to operations tomorrow. But I think everything else is running. I tested our clients tonight and just finished that task. Long day, in other words. I know agile means no overtime but since I'm taking the morning off I wanted to make sure that I know the quality of the release.

What is new for our demo session is that we are filming them. We might be an on site team but the company work on multiple sites and all are not be able to attend the demo session. So, we're making a film and all team members should attend the demo. That has not been the case before. First, we wanted all to attend, but the guys asked "if they could work instead". So, finally I and perhaps one more guy held the demo while the others continued coding. Well, if we don't take the demo's seriously, why should the viewers?


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