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The mind of a three-year-old

I can't stop being amazed at the development of little Peter. Just this summer you could see that he imitated the bigger guys but now it's his fantasies. This has also brought on fear. Since he can imagine stuff, he also wonder about things that are scary. A toy that have to be outside during night. A scary car during the evening walk with the dog. And you can't simply say something: he picks it up so fast and draws his own conclusions. Amazing.

Sometimes I wonder why some people seems to loose that imagination: they just think inside the box. The only thing that seems to be left from that three-year-old is the fear. I often meet people who are good at commenting and having all those opinions on different stuff. "Oh, no, that is all wrong." But they never come with the original idea, the fantasy.

Others never stop fantasizing. An old friend of mine has his imaginary friends. When he's bored he hocks up with them and spend some time in his fantasy world. He knows it's not real, but he think it's fun. Did I mention that he's one of the most creative guys I know?



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