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The very best question asked in an agile team

One week away from code stop on the October sprint and we still have deadly bugs and cracks in the system. We've on a daily basis gone over what everyone is doing and focused the resources on the tasks that are the most "dangerous" from a bug perspective: if we have bugs in those areas the release won't work. In other areas, bugs are bad but no killer. It's like germs: you don't want them anywhere but if they are in your brain or in your heart they will kill you. So, kill the infections there first!
So, what is the best question asked? Well, we've borrowed a guy from our Services team. He's doing some minor parts and configurations that he will use as an integrator. But his constant question is:
- What can I do to help?
It's such a simple question. Everyone knows he doesn't do brain surgery but that instinct and that attitude is worth millions in this situation. And that spirit is the core of an agile developer.

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