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Lessons learnt from cycling, part 4

Looking at all the old movie clips from the Armstrong era is both fascinating and sad. I'm so happy to have followed it when it happened and I'm sad that we'll probably never see the likes of him again. So, I'm going to finish this series on lessons learned from cycling with yet another classic clip. Have you ever been skiing in the Alps? Have you ever thought about cycling up for one of those mountains? Or perhaps three or four in a day? And just be off cycling the next day or week, or weeks.

In the end, it's all about who can endure the pain and have the insight so see the possibilities. When it hurts like hell you can just stay with the others or you might excel. In this sequence, everyone was hurting. But one of the guys saw the possibility to win. For some, mediocre is just enough. For some, winning is everything. (And yes, the road in the end is the road the rode that day, and that was not the only mountain on that day...)



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