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Lessons learnt from cycling, part 3

And we can't talk about cycling without talking about not giving up. Doing your job. Lance Armstrong had a guy on his team ho had financial troubles. He was whining about that all the time, and his capability was affected. You could really feel sorry for the guy: his former team had not payed him, and it seemed like he wasn't to get his money. So, he was not getting in time to his practice. Unacceptable to Mr Armstrong.
Armstrong talked to the guy: Get on your f*cking bike or I'll get someone else to do it.
And that how it is, it is not a fair world, and it's not about everything being good all the time. If you want to be the winner, sometimes you just have to get on your f*cking bike and get going. It's not like someone else will do it for you.



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