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How many sprint objectives? Champions, captains and coaches

A couple of sprints ago we started to really focus on the sprint objectives. We put them up on the wall and discussed them all the time. That was the most successful sprint up til then. This sprint had its sprint objectives too, but doesn't feel as focused. We do have sprint objectives but there are to many. We thought splitting up bigger objectives on many sprints and cutting up the objectives in smaller such would be a good thing but having seven sprint objectives and seven developers makes people not remembering the objectives and they feel less important.

Next sprint we're going back to three objectives: two main objectives and one less prioritized. The third objective will only be reached if everything goes well on the other two. We will keep the model with one developer responsible for each objective. He will be responsible for watching that tests are written and are valid, budgets are kept and check the storyboard against code. He will also be the main guy for code reviews. You could call him the champion of the objective. Or if you're using cycling terms: team captain for the objective. But isn't that the scrum master's role you might ask? Well, yes and no. The scrum master is more the coach in our team while the captain is on the field and also coding. It's not a coincidence that both soccer and cycling have a captain role and a coach role. We need it so probably they do too.

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