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All the n*ked boys...

You who only have boys (or buy stuff for boys) have probably noticed it: when you walk into a store with clothes for children there are so much more for girls. It's strange, because when you go into a toy store, there are about 50% stuff for boys. And I do believe boys have the same need for clothes as girls. I desperately wanted to buy some underwear for little Pete this week. Him being almost three he needs a small size. Couldn't find anything. Same with gloves. But there are so much girly stuff out there. I don't care if I get to buy things for girls, Peter is wonderful in red but the little skirts and the sharp pink even I wouldn't wear.

Today I went to an outlet and found some winter shoes, half price. I didn't even reflect on color: just found his size, oh, red, and went for the cashier. He was helping another customer and I couldn't miss overhearing him commenting on the subject boy's shoes. Yes, they brought FOUR times as many girl's shoes than boy's shoes. And yes, they tended to have a little more girl's stuff left in the end but still, more clothes are bought for girls. Can anyone tell me why? I simply do not understand. Because I've not seen any n*ked boys at Peter's daycare. Or perhaps they all, in secret, like little Peter get to wear red shoes with flowers this winter.



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