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The coffee machine has landed

Yesterday, it finally landed. My Siemens S60. So now, I can have my morning dose of caffeine before going to work. And when the machine at work is out of order, I know what to expect at home. Some days, like this one, this is good to know. Again, not the best of days. But these were to be expected: I know from friends falling down that the bad days are to come and now they are here. I just have to work myself through them. And tomorrow is another day.

By the way, the big coffee machine at work broke down on Monday. We all wished it had given up for good with all the electronics hanging on the outside for a couple of days, but today it was up and running as always. So, the small espresso machine made for the small household have to keep it up for some time to come. Like that was the greatest of my problems right now...
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