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Sprint start, and ending with run

New sprint start, again in Sundbyberg outside Stockholm. We had a good sprint start, focusing on a number of issues that have troubled us during the previous sprints. I really hope we've learnt something new and that we will have a good sprint with good focus and deliver what the product owner expect from us.

Stockholm is finally warm and I had decided to run home. I didn't get properly full after lunch: eggs mixed in the rice made it impossible to fill up with carbos so I had some ice cream in the afternoon and dranks loads of water. Then a wonderful and hot run home. It was even hotter than during the marathon and I actually feel a bit burned, even if it doesn't show. But I can see a line where my pants finished on my leg so I guess it took today. Well, a two hours run in 26C should have an effect...

I got to run a number of bridges, one being the famous Västerbron, from which the photo was taken. At home, I got to spend some time with my wonderful son. He's really turning into a little thinker. We discussed a stuffed dragon we bought him for his castle. We came to the conclusion that if she slept outside the door, she wouldn't eat him.

Well, I'd better have some more fluids, feel a bit dehydrated, so long for now.
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