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All alone, or part of a party

With my dog gone for the night, my husband and son away in the south, I came hope to a completely empty home yesterday evening. Silence. Tranquility. I forced myself not cleaning up the last stuff that need to be taken care of and just hanged out (a.k.a, slept in front of the telly). I didn't even think about work.

Then a neighbor started partying. They are of the type that think that if they are having a party, the whole neighborhood probably want to be awake. They open all windows in their house and turn on the volume. When they watch a soccer game they use an old car alarm to signal to everyone when their team scored. It's not that these parties are common: it's about a handful a year but a party in that party means that me, living 200 meters away, sleeping in another room and my son waking up regularly.

I just grabbed my stuff and slept on the bathroom floor, which was the only room where I could listen to my audio book without having the I-Pod on the highest volume. It was like camping.



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