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Last day of the sprint....

You couldn't guess it, hey. We finished the storyboard the last day of the sprint, after 20.00. Nice planning, again. Due to my not planned early arrival I worked 13 hours. And I'm supposed to be sick and taking it easy. But not like all the other times and sprints, I wasn't stressed about it: I'd done my job and my chores. There was actually nothing I could have done to avoid the situation, so why becoming stressed? And since it wasn't my responsibility, I didn't push the others either. So, they pushed themselves. I didn't stress we need to finish, so they did. It's not that I say: "let it crash": I did everything to complete my tasks and support others finish theirs, but I didn't remind others to do the right thing. And it worked.

So, today I'm tired but happy. I think we have a good storyboard, I'm not stressed out and I avoided conflicts. Next month we'll work a lot on storyboards and the plan is that we are to build a storyboard library so we don't do the storyboard for the next sprint every sprint. It should already be there and should only be updated with the latest screen dumps and updates. They say that after the forth sprint, you have a good picture of the scope of the project. We're into sprint eight and we're no where near that. I hope that when I write the next retrospect, that will have changed. Hope is nice. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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