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And another party, and another party

Saturday. Gay pride parade. Realized when I woke up that I missed that the neighbor's baptising their boy this day. Sh*t. Already made other plans. Going to the Gay pride parade. Never being into these public parties, the only time I've been participating I've been running a race or having some tasks for an organization (aka red cross). I really wanted to go. So, I packed my rug sack with beer and headed off to the parade. There must have been a million watching and still I met some friends just by chance. I later learned that two others had spotted me but I hadn't heard them. Perhaps because of the noise, perhaps because I was on a fast track of getting drunk. Party!

Sunday, woke up at nine. Sh*t. Dog wants out at eight. But he was also sleeping so all safe. I was glad I wasn't having a hang over but since I was throwing a party for my husband's brother and his family (they're moving from Stockholm), I figured I needed some rest. Read. Hang out. Sat down in the garden. The lawn really needs to be cut. So, I cut the lawn. And the bushes needs to be lifted from their gooseberries. I can do that. And I would really like to bring some redcurrant syrup to the sprint tomorrow. So, then I needed to pick the berries, pick over clean them, boil them, buy sugar, boil everything again, buy bottles and make the syrup. By then it was time to take the dog out again. And then I had to make arrangements for the party. And then there was the party. And then I took out the dog again. By now, it was evening. I needed dinner. Now, it must be time to do the hanging out? But I must clean up after the party. So, no reading for mommy today. But I made some wonderful syrup! I used some cinnamon and that made it really nice! Hope the guys feel the same tomorrow. Oh, now I must make arrangements for my son coming home. I've missed him, to put it mildly.



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