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A race is always a race

A premiere race for mommy. Havn't raced for three years. Just a 12 km run so a was planning on running home. I didn't remember that a race is always a race. Independant of length... I'd forgotten all about the start, all the different people who for some reason pay money for the pleasure of running among others. It's crowded and you cannot change the route. You should be payed instead. But I'm also part of the culture. Dunno why, but I am.

I almost missed the start. My friend the Hattifnatt came to see me run. (thanks to mikke and petra for coming! I was very happy to see you both!!). We started chatting and suddenly the race was on. I'm always amazed by the people who have no concept of their capacity - some gals started walking in the first climp - it was less than 1 km from the start. For me, the first quarter of a race is always terrible. I curse myself for being som lousy. Then I come to the middle of the race. And somehow, my second half is always better than the first. I get excided by making it halfways.

My plans for running home where soon forgotten. The wrong socks and the whole thing with the race made me understand that it would not be an option. The last hope was gone when I at the finish was presented with some nice bubbly drinks with alcohol. Simply wonderful. And it's kind of fun to drink in the running-in-company-with-no-homour-culture. When the rest were sipping terrible recovery drinks and eating bananas, I was having a drink. So instead, I had a slow walk in the company of friends and my family came to get me. That is a good option as well. (I am also thrilled by my blog being rated as a running blog, if you look at the commercials!)



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