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2 hours and five bridges...

And the unexpected did happen. I didn't take the run I'd expected. And since I didn't expect that I would run the route I'd imagine, of course I run exactly that route. That meant five bridges in a little less than 2 hours. I think it's the most wonderful run in Stockholm a sunny spring day. Bridges, sun, people. What I didn't say is that I screw up. I fetched my dog during the morning hours and decided to do some needed shopping. I should have gone home and done som serious refueling of fluids. I should have stayed home and done som good eating. Instead, I grabbed some extra breakfast at McD, came home and stuffed myself with fluid and some energy bars.

Not a good idea. Instead a got a stitch on both sides and I kept that during the entire run and my stomache didn't appriciate the treatment either. Well, besides that and a terrible headache as a result of the stupid woman not drinking enough fluids afterwards, it was a wonderful run. But then the non-long-distance-runner say, hey, didn't she say she goot the stitch, headaches and bad stomache. How can that be a good run? Well, first, I practiced running under some bad conditions and could still make it, the weather and surroundings were wonderful. And I got to see all five bridges.



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