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May 1st. So, this is May. Next month I'll be running the marathon again. It's been 3 years since my last crossing the finish line so it will feel like a novelty again. I'm three years older, I'd had a child since last, and I have much more on my mind. During all my other training sessions for long distance running, I stopped drinking almost completely. A glass of wine once a month. Nothing more. I know that alcohol is something athletes should avoid: getting drunk destroys much more of your training than you can imagine. And even small amounts of alcohol lessens the effect of your training. But then, I like wine.

Yesterday, I was on a nice dinner with friends and their friends. I drank Champagne. I've found that I feel much better the day after if I drink Champagne than if I drink red wine for example. (Or perhaps this is something I tell myself just to able to have my favorite drink...) But I didn't think I could go out on a run today as a result of my sinful behaviour. I almost had myself convinced this morning that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to run today. Then I started calculating.

Hm. I must (according to my non-negotiable-training schedule) run thrice a week. On Saturday, I'm running a 12 km race and was planning to run home from that so that covers this week's long distance. Won't be able to run to work tomorrow. This leaves Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. Nooo. And plan for a run the day after the race. Nooo. Not an option. So it had to be today. So, I squeezed on my sneakers early in the morning and went for a 40 min run. My heart rate was slightly risen but not as I'd imagined. And I thought I knew how my body workes after a bottle of wine. I'm not saying drink and run, I'm saying question what you think you know about yourself. You're in for one (or many) suprise. Hey, you might even run a marathon.



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