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Easier done than said

Hey, that isn´t right. Shouldn´t be the opposite??? Well, there are starters, doers and finishers. I'm a finisher. So, for me the difficult thing is not finishing what I've started, it's getting to the start line. Another problem for me is that when I've fixed in on an idea of something that I think I have started, I need to finish it. Well, that sounds good. But sometimes the idea wasn't really something I planned. I just say something (ergo, I have started something) and then I have to finish it. But did I really want it in the first place?

Well, of course, that is what got me stuck on running in the first place and now I'm a total addict. Due to some health issues, I had a one-week-break in my running. Yesterday was my first run in a week. Cold, rainy and moist. Not the funniest of mornings. Today, the morning was one of these runners-high-moments. Nice and sunny. Perfect temperature. Rugsack perfect weight. I decided to run a little different path to work. Instead of a 4,7 km run it turned into a 9 km happy memory. Nice surroundings I just happened to miss in all my earlier runs in the area between my home and work. Birch wood alleys, nice looking houses. Birds singing. The right music in my ears. Just the way to start a day. Just the way.

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