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A fat lady with a child with adhd???

I got an e-mail from the Google gods. DidnĀ“t I want to post some commersials on my blog. Ha, don't think my few readers would by their clicking on links make me an financially independant woman, but I thought. why not? Just to see how many clicks on those links. Voila! A commercial for free blogs. Then the funny thing happens. I write the word FAT and suddenly the commercial changes to some fat reduction things. Then I add a link to the only program on kids I can tolerate: Child of our time (I can't help prompting you parents as is or parents to come to watch) and suddenly the commercial is for adhd-drugs. So my new amusement is watching how I can affect the commercials on my blogs with my writing. Oh my, I am interacting with the marketing people! They think I am a fat woman with a child with adhd, but what the f**k. They're probably right. I should go on a diet or give my son some pills to cool him down. The marketing people are always right. I must have turned Christian now that I wrote that word and also wrote the word God. Gotta go and prey for my soul!



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