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The evening run

I've always preferred morning runs. I like the idea of doing the necessary things first and then indulge myself in "free stuff". Since running is part of a schedule, it's necessary. Ergo, done as soon as possible. And also, running in the morning means you experince the wonder of the early morning. The beauty of it.

Yesterday I had a lot to think about during the evening and I took a late evening run. Don't know when that happened last. Must be at least five years ago. But it was nice. Really nice. Since I broke my routine and "just went for a run" it didn't feel like the normal things I have to do. I listened to different music than I usually do and I kept the run at that magic time: 40 min. Perfect for becoming warmed up and still not getting at least exhausted afterwards. Perfect temperature and I got to see the sun coming down. Amazing that the run still can get to me. Simply magic. The simple things in life are magic.



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