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Boot camp over

It's not very lean, working overtime. Our team worked our asses of during 2,5 days (of which one was an otherwise free Saturday). I don't understand how I handled the multi-night-meetings of the student union days. We used to gather for four days and nights. All meetings. Once, I got into trouble with my gall bladder and was taken to the emergency by my pals. Two hours and some wonderful needles later, I returned to the meeting. I'd missed about 3 sentences in the document we were discussing. What a waste. Terrible meetings.

Well, my conclusions about the weekend will probably linger in my mind but one conclusion is the importance of success. We had no idea about how difficult a task we had. So, we planned for a diffucult task. The first day we'd covered the critical parts of the problem. This was good for the team. After a couple of months of cutting things from our sprints we were for the first time able to do the opposite. The guys could do tasks they'd been thinking about for months and we could clean up some code. Spirits up, in other words.

The downside of this was the the loosing of focus - when you believe that you reached the goal, ýou don't work quite as hard. So, in the end we didn't solve all of the problems. The good thing is that the stuff the guys did during the last hours were things we are supposed to do on Monday. So, you can say we switch. But it's a good lesson. If the guys had done things that weren't planned for Monday, we'd been in trouble then.



Anonymous Mikke Nyfiken said...

When I was running on Långholmen this morning I was thinking about pain. Most probably my thoughts will end up in a new text for my blog. So therefore I must ask you this - simple - question: What is most/least painful: giving birth, running a marathon, cycling Vätternrundan, problems with the gall bladder? Or something else?? Just want to know.

April 29, 2007 at 12:57 PM  
Blogger Peter's mommy said...

Giving birth: well, the most painful thing was that the staff didn't believe me when I explained that I was in labor. But when they finally checked and saw his head coming, well the pain was absolutely tolarable. And, I knew that the pain would come to an end. In one way or the other.

Marathon, Vättern and all those athletic things: well the pain there is kind of special as you can make it go away by simply giving up. So, I would say it's tolerable.

Gall bladder: there's something special. I hurts like hell and you can't eat. The problem here is that I'm always to blame. I get into trouble when I don't eat right. So, that makes that tolerable in that respect. And I know that there is a wonderful needle in the ER which makes it all go away.

What I'm trying to say is that physical pain is tolerable if you know it can go away. I've much harder handling mental pain or physical pain if I don't know if it's going to stop. Feeling sad and all that difficult stuff is much harder handling. You can't make it stop. Being a gal with the emotions on the outside, that is the way I work.

May 1, 2007 at 11:07 AM  

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