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I love cycling. Looking at people on a bike. Insane? Perhaps, but it's fun and entertaining. Most of the times. I like the combination of an individual achievement and the team effort. Without the best team in the world you can't become the best cyclist in the world. (And now all you non believers think they're all doped. Well, many are but tell me which sport there are no doping? When there is competition and money, there are cheaters. But cyclists are the most tested atheletes in the world. So, it's no wonder there are so many cases. But that's an whole other issue.) But sometimes, cycling is a bore. Like Amstel Gold Race yesterday. Plain dull.

The only fun thing was the finish. 6 favorites and a rookie (well, he's no real rookie but in that company, you could call him that) in the lead. Someone of them is going to win. It shouldn´t be the rookie, because his sprint is lousy. All the favorites are waiting for each other. Then the rookie takes off. No one follow him. The cameras are focused on watching the favorites, how they're going to act. Then, suddenly, the camera shows the scene behind the finish line. The rookie has won. The cameras missed it. The favorites missed it. The favorites rode 242 km and lost the game during the last k. The same with the camera crew, and us viewers (well, I am glad I only watched some patches).

Have you ever been in that situation? You are so certain on what is the problem, who/what constitutes the competition, that you don´t focus on what is your job? I wonder what the teams thought of their leaders yesterday. They had fought to give their respective leader that spot in the front and their leader just watched as a guy who any of them would have beaten win the game?

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