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Between a rock and a hard place

You can't write about pain is temporary without writing about Aron Ralstons. Today, I read Between a rock and a Hard place ( The book is about a climber who during a lonely hike get stuck with his right hand between a rock wall and a stone weighing 500 K. No one knows where he is. He has virtualy no supplies. The hand is stuck. He has two small not so sharp knives. If you follow the link you can perhaps imagine what he did. But still, you canĀ“t. It's not only the carving you know... But he survived.

There is many things worth reflecting on. The most obvious is of course: doing the unthinkable to survive. But it's also about understanding what is important in life. Could you imagine living without your right hand. Sometime is best to let go, to survive. To feel good. Another thing is the concept of luck. Aron's first thought was that he was unlucky, getting trapped. But then he realised that this was just one of those many occasions where he put himself in the position of needing really good luck. He had lost good friends from this. Finally it's about how does one survive, and again we return to luck - LUCK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. NOTHING.

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