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As good as it gets...

There's a wonderful movie, which you probably seen, called As good as it gets. Sometimes I think about that title. As good as it gets, and how that is presented in the movie. For you who haven't seen the movie or just don't remember: The guy with no life, so controlled by his mania and ideas that he doesn't have what we would call a life. And then he realizes that this is life, and what if that life is as good as it gets.) Some people say that they just have to endure their life. That this is as good as it gets, even if they don't feel happy. I guess that should be an option when you're 85 or something and have terminal cancer. For us others with no real excuses, life should be as good as we make it. Don't endure the pain of life, enjoy the happiness of living! Cause pain is temporary, living won't stop until you're dead.



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