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Why language is important

At a previous position, I was in a constant fight for Marketing taking the time and having the appropriate employees so that the language on the web site was correct.

To be frank; I was embarrassed by the many grammatical errors and the lousy language. I know the language on this blog is far from perfect, but this is a private web site.

But my boss didn't agree. He thought it didn't matter. And to some, like my boss and the people at marketing at that company, it isn't important. But I would never buy something from a company who couldn't even spell the product names correctly. And I know others who feel the same. Companies not caring about language are not serious about their business.

But often enough, a poor language can lead to misunderstanding in ways you could not imagine. Look at the waste basket on the picture. What does it say; should I waste more or should I put the waste in the bin? I hope most people understand what they are supposed to do, but could you blame someone for reading is as they should create more waste?

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Blogger Wilhelm Svenselius said...

I completely agree! Nothing says unprofessional like bad spelling or grammar. I make an effort to keep the language on my blog as good as possible as well.

could you blame someone for reading is as they should create more waste?
Yes, I could. There is such a thing as "context". Someone who doesn't interpret a message differently depending on what context it occurs in either has Aspberger's Syndrome or is dangerously stupid.

January 4, 2009 at 7:28 PM  
Blogger Anna Forss said...

Of course there is something called context, but the point here is the risk for misinterpretation. And since the waste basket is located at Disney World, the kingdom of waste in form of packaging and stuff, i guess both interpretations are valid

January 5, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

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