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The reason for me working on Confessions of a serial product manager was that even if there are lots of books on scrum, story writing, agile planning, etc, I didn't have a book which brought it together from a product owner point of view. But guess what; Rob Galen of RGalen Consulting Group is just finishing the book I was looking for! The book is called Becoming a great product owner. You can read a free version at their web site. Here are some details from the download page concerning rights:

I've controlled access to the document, so you can't print or copy the contents. Nor do you have my permission to distribute the material--so please honor all aspects of the copyright. However, you can view / read the document as a reference and my hope is that it provides insights and value in that free form

R Galen digs into the deeper questions and details and I can highly recommend you product owners reading his (and mine, of course) view on product ownership.

Thanks Rob for sharing your experience with us!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice book. I like the many images that illustrate the text. I do think, however, there should be more debate on what items the manager should handle and what can be delegated to the team to empower them to surpass expectations and assignments.

April 9, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

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