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First spinn of the year

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Finally, I held my first spinning session on Wednesday. It was over a month ago and the legs felt kind of soggy. A new colleague hanged along and since he knows how to ride a bike, he was really with me over the mountains and on that yellow field where we test sprinting.

After the spinning session, I felt slightly dizzy. I guess I need more fluids than I'm drinking. I haven't thought about me needing more from screaming and speaking while having the spinning sessions. I need to get that right. Well, after some refilling with water I got back to my old self. Or at least I thought that.

During this morning's run to work I could feel the cycling in the legs. It was quite cold (-7C) and the legs didn't feel right. For some reason I run a bit faster as well. So, it felt hard. Having meetings all day I wondered if I could stay focused the whole day. But since all the meetings were interesting and active, I soon forgot about that and had a normal day.

This weekend, I'm really going to take it slow. Really slow.


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