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A story of growth

My son really loves baking. From an early age, he loved hanging around me in the kitchen, eager to help. Of course, in the beginning his help was of no help to me in my baking. Then, I had three options:
  • Since it took less time, I could have done everything myself
  • Even if it took longer time, I could involve Peter is different tasks, having him learn the stuff.
  • Combine the two strategies
I went for the last strategies: I involved Peter in tasks which he could learn to master and explained to him which tasks were not suitable to him and then he could only watch. Of course it took longer time and I chose bakery which weren't too complicated.

As time has progressed, so have Peter, and on Sunday, he was finally making a net value. We baked some cinnamon rolls and 3 kg of home made lasagne to a friend who is giving birth this week. Peter took care of melting the butter, taking out the forms and placing the rolls in the forms. He made his own rolls and he really helped me making the lasagne plates, including fixing the dough.

Imagine his pride when he could serve his father his very own cinnamon rolls and guess how much better he eats when he's cooked the meal. Giving responsibility is enabling confidence.

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