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Campaigning with the help of google documents

Perhaps you think that the outburst from the other day was just a coincidence. I beg to differ. These last days I've spent many hours educating myself and completing a document which will be the basis for our campaign. We are now a handful of individuals working on the same document and even more has been invited to view the content as the work is in progress.

Since the document is filled with references, I used Microsoft Word while creating the first version but now when we've moved into editing mode, I've published the document on Google Documents so all interested can view it and so that we editors can edit it directly. Wonderful! I wouldn't have wanted to create the basis of the document in Google Documents but the collaboration features are excellent in their ease of use and just the right set of features. I was amazed that my footnotes were included when I imported the document. Adding or removing footnotes now will be a bit more complicated than in Word but I agree with Google that the included features are enough.

I've also been in contact with a number of organisations, doctors and researchers and am happy to learn that a complete novice has been given so much time and effort, even if we are in a country which will not be as effected if the battle against measles is not won. I guess that if you've really seen the effects or been in a country struck by measles, this subject is something that affects you.

In a couple of days, we'll be done with the document and then the next phase will commence. Keep you updated!



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