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On Friday, it's the end of the sprint. And it's kind of relaxed. Or very relaxed. Almost everything on the list has been accomplished. And the list for the coming sprint has been updated all along so I and everyone else can see what is up for the next sprint.

Sickness then, well our scrum master is sick but since everyone knows the drill and the next sprint doesn't include any surprises, we miss him, but work goes on as usual.

Agile is not changing everything at a fast speed: it changing a little bit all the time, when it is needed and suitable. Any development team is in some way like an oil tank and even if you can change direction all the time, that is not a good idea. But changing a little bit and in due time works well.

Tomorrow, one of our most intelligent and critical and analytical customers is in for a visit. He will test the application and have some discussions concerning some ideas I have for some features we have in the current product, but which I don't believe meet the use cases very well. So, I'm a bit nervous: perhaps my ideas sucks too.



Blogger Andrew MacNeill said...

Any reason why there are no further posts?

I would be very interested in hearing more from your discussion and thoughts on Agile with TFS.

August 10, 2008 at 10:03 PM  

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