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First exercise since collapsing...

Today I went down to the gym for a solo spinn on a spinning bike. The guy there looked at us and asked where we'd been. Haven't been there for a month, or six weeks to be precise.

Well inside one of the nice owners fetched a bike for me: the spinning room was in use. And then he asked if I wouldn't be interested in being a spinning leader during lunches. Well, I couldn't resist the challenge so two weeks from now I need to get my show together. I've selected the first day I can do real exercise as the first session. But there is no return. When I got back to work the owner had already put it on the schedule. So I've spent the evening selecting the music.

Since I'm a biking freak, I'm of course going to fit this in like a race. The best spinning instructor I've biked for had her little trip which she took her class on. Mine is sited in Italy, with two rather large inclines and a heavy finish sprint. I hope the eventual visitors survive. I hope I survive. It is now almost five weeks since my last run. Well, at least I'm not working this evening.



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